Pregnant Weeks

Pregnancy is a tough time for most women despite the mystification surrounding it. Women are irritable, restless, tired and exhausted with the constant hormonal imbalances and the huge demands put on their body. Thus, there is a tremendous need for a site which will provide women with a clear idea of what to expect during Pregnancy Week by Week, to relieve their minds and allow them to enjoy these nine months.

The Perception of Pregnancy: Due to popular representations, women undergo a huge pressure to be happy and unstressed during their full term of carrying the baby. However, this is a myth or a cultural construct that is false, anxiety-inducing and unsympathetic to the pains the expecting women experiences. Pregnancy is not easy, and every week of pregnancy sees changes in the body, in the woman’s bodily functions which are not talked about as often as they should be.

The Challenges: Women have a support system of other women who can guide them through these nine months. However, in today’s urban lifestyle, most women have experienced disconnect which leaves them confused and bewildered. This website is targeted at those women who are unaware of the common phenomena experienced during pregnancy, or who do not have people to guide them through this phase of their lives. For most of us, the internet has become our primary source of information and it is with this aim that we have launched a site that will guide expecting women through their Pregnancy Week by Week.

The Need of the Hour: What will benefit women and rest their anxious minds is a website which provides crucial information about Pregnancy Week by Week. In other words, women can seek solace here and discover answers to their most pressing questions, be it unexpected bleeding, pains of morning sickness or hormonal changes which confuse and perplex them.

Our Aims: We are not a substitute for the expecting mother’s obstetrician or gynecologist. We are here merely to offer our support and information to women during this trying time. Our articles are written with care and conviction, and if women can find a little peace of mind by going through them, our purpose will have been served.

Last Word: We wish women a happy and safe pregnancy since, despite all the confusion, the anxiety and the worry, this time is one of happiness, excitement and expectation and we hope that our articles can provide some succor and reassurance to expecting mothers.

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