10 weeks pregnant risks

When it comes to the different stages of pregnancy, by week 10 the baby develops to at least an inch and a half. The baby’s growth takes place at this particular stage which obviously comes with its own share of risks. Since the baby is growing, this period is known as the fetal period as it marks the rapid development and growth of the baby.

These changes lead to certain kinds of precautions that the mothers need to take but the goof news is that the chances of any miscarriage decrease considerably by the tenth week. The fetal growth also decreases the chances of various other risks that were prevalent in the initial couple of weeks.

The signs of feta defects also reduce considerably from week 10 onwards. This is one of the most important development stages for the mother and the baby. However, there are some things that need to be kept in mind in order to be wary of and avoid risks:

  • It is important to never be exposed to any form of toxin especially the environmental toxins. This means staying away from alcohol or smoke that will cause harm to the baby. This is applicable at all stages of pregnancy.
  • The organs of the baby develop rapidly at this stage. This includes kidney, lover, brains etc. Therefore, there is a need to be wary of the sort of environment one is living in. Any kind of adverse exposure can be detrimental to the baby and the mother.
  • It is necessary to keep a note of the sort of changes one is going through in terms of the mother’s body. This helps in understanding whether the growth is normal or if there are problems or discomfort to immediately consult a doctor.
  • Morning sickness is not an issue since there are many women who get over this state late during pregnancy.