10 weeks pregnant symptoms

While pregnancy is a joyous time for most women, the symptoms of pregnancy, especially as the stages advance, can get hard to handle and be stressful. This can be helped to a certain extent by anticipating or preparing for these symptoms by knowing about them beforehand. This reduces the element of surprise, and therefore, helps also in dealing with the pregnancy symptoms. Some of the common ones to be faced by women in the 10th week of their pregnancy are as follows:

  • Flatulence: Flatulence can be caused by indigestion which can be cured with the help of plenty of green leafy vegetables. Flatulence is a fairly common symptom of 10th week of pregnancy, and it can be dealt with without much trouble.
  • Nausea and Morning Sickness: The 10th week of pregnancy falls in between the second and third month and therefore, the first trimester is not yet over. Morning sickness is a common symptom which can be cured by seasickness and acupressure bands. Generally taking food helps the problem and starving, or skipping meals, must be strictly avoided when the to-be mother is facing morning sickness and general nausea in the 10th week of pregnancy.
  • Food Cravings and Repulsion: Certain types of food will attract a pregnant woman in the 10th week of her pregnancy. Certain types of food will induce nausea and revulsion. This is extremely common and is one of the primary causes of nausea as mentioned above.
  • Discharge from the Vagina: The increase of oestrogen in the female body during pregnancy leads to increased blood flow as well as production of mucus in the region of the pelvis. This leads to white discharge from the vagina during the 10th week of pregnancy. Since it is completely harmless, it does not need to be treated at all.