11 Weeks Pregnant Facts

At 11 weeks, a pregnant woman’s body goes through many changes as her body is getting used to a life growing inside her. It is important that the woman knows what these changes and developments are so that she can understand her body better and can take the necessary measures to care for her and her child. Here are a few facts that you need to know about 11 weeks’ pregnancy:

  • The feeling of nausea and morning sickness should ease up and you will be able to eat more as your appetite will be back, which is good because the baby needs a lot of nutrition and you need to have a healthy diet
  • You will feel more active than before but feeling a little tired is normal as the mother’s body is working overtime to nourish the baby besides performing the normal functions to keep her healthy.
  • At this stage, the placenta is also developing in your womb and once it is fully formed, it take off the pressure as this will become the primary life support for the child as he develops.
  • There will be a lot of hormonal changes in the body which may be both pleasant and unpleasant and you just have to adjust to it as your pregnancy progresses
  • The baby at this stage will be only two inches long and it will start taking the features of a human
  • It’s hair follicles, fingernails will start to grow and ]if it is a baby girl, her ovaries will also start to form
  • Ultrasound pictures will show a better view of her feet and the nasal opening in the nose are will be clearly visible along
  • You can also see her fingers which no longer webbed or sticking to each other.
  • The baby’s tongue and ears will start to develop at 11 weeks of pregnancy