11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

A woman always has some signs which tell her that she is pregnant and these symptoms are important and one must be aware of them because then she can check if her body is functioning normally and the baby is developing as it should or not. Some of the symptoms may not be pleasant as there are many hormonal and physical changes taking place inside her and besides that there is the growing pressure of the developing fetus.

By going through the article, the mother can know what are the right symptoms that one must be expecting at this stage of 11 weeks of pregnancy and if she notices something out of the ordinary, she must contact her doctor immediately.

  • Appetite: The mother will have an increase in appetite as her feeling of nausea has decreased and her baby also needs the nourishment. It is okay to eat more than usual but aware of what you are eating. Go for healthy, natural food and eat smaller but frequent meals so that you don’t put on a lot of weight
  • Bloating: Overeating can lead to heartburn and bloating as there is more pressure on your digestive symptoms and the pregnancy hormones also have a role to play in that. Don’t eat fried foods, beans and avoid drinking soda.
  • Bleeding gums: Use a soft bristled tooth brush if you experience bleeding gums and also keep your teeth clean as pregnancy hormones produce more saliva in your mouth
  • Frequent urination: The growing baby puts pressure on the bladder and you feel the urge to urinate often. This is normal, drink lots of water but avoid caffeinated drinks
  • Tenderness: You may also feel aroused because the fetus will put pressure on your sex organs and your breasts will grow larger and sensitive. Ask your partner to be gentle with you so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Early stages of pregnancy are a very important time for new mothers. Nurses play an integral role in this transition into motherhood. Some nurses may consider a Saint Peters online RN to BSN degree.