12 Weeks Pregnant Tests

At 12 weeks, a pregnant woman will have to visit her doctor for the scheduled check-ups and ultrasound which will tell her that the baby is developing properly and these tests are very crucial in tracking the progress of the baby and to make sure there is no abnormality. The tests are required because it helps one know of any problems and the required measures can be taken accordingly. Your doctor will be able to guide you on what tests to take and when to take them and then study the results to give you the advice depending on those results. Here are a few points to remember about pregnancy tests at 12 weeks:

  • 12 weeks is the end of the first trimester and hence the test is called the first trimester ultrasound scan where the doctor will check if the fetus is still alive, if the heart is beating properly and if there are any problems in its organs
  • They can also determine the gestational age by measuring the length of the baby and also check if it is growing normally
  • You may also get your first picture of the baby, although it may not be clear, and many parents opt to take the picture as a memory
  • Along with an sonography, a vaginal scan may also be required in order to make sure that everything is ok
  • Other things which will be checked during these tests is the amount of the amniotic fluid, the position and look of the placenta
  • Another important thing is the nuchal fold screening test which determines whether the baby will develop Downs Syndrome later or not, which is a genetic condition resulting due to the anomaly of the number of chromosomes
  • It is crucial to do this test now because after this period, this anomaly cannot be clearly detected.