12 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Being pregnant is an amazing feeling and a few lucky ones get a chance to have twins, which is a cause of joy but one must also take extra care because it leads to added stress to the mother’s body. At 12 weeks, the mother will experience many changes in her body as her pregnancy develops and she must know the facts and what those changes are so that she can understand her body better and also care for herself in a better way. Here are a few things one needs to remember when one is 12 weeks pregnant with twins:

  • Have a healthy diet and exercise like any other pregnant woman as you will be eating for three and hence should maintain a steady intake of nutritious food so that everyone remains healthy
  • At this stage, the twins will be at least 5.4cm long and many of the organs will have started forming and taking shape
  • The face will look more like that of a human, the eyes will no longer be on the side of the head, the head will be a big and look disproportionate but the ears will also be there almost at their correct position
  • The twins’ livers will be making various enzymes and their kidneys will produce urine which will passed by it back to the amniotic fluid
  • Although you will not be able to feel their movements yet, the they do move around a bit and their nerve cells and connections are forming at a rapid pace
  • Their movements will be simple like curling their toes, shutting their eyes tight, opening and closing their fists but these actions are more of reflex actions
  • The mother should start to do some pelvic exercises to ease the muscles which will help during labor
  • Visit a doctor regularly to check on the twins’ progress