13 Weeks Pregnant Facts

At 13 weeks, pregnant woman may see many changes in her body and also her baby as the pregnancy reaches this stage. Her body is slowly getting accustomed to the changes inside her and now she will have a slightly more comfortable time because there will be less fatigue and nausea. Nevertheless, she must take care of herself and her baby and this article will help to know about these changes and how to deal with them as by understanding your body you can care for yourself better. Here are a few facts about being pregnant at 13 weeks:

  • The eyes of your baby is developing and they will move from the side of the head to the usual position that we see in a child although his head will still be very big compared to the rest of the body
  • The baby’s ankles and wrists will form by this stage and you can clearly see the joints, while the rest of the body is developing too
  • The baby’s  intestines are moving from the umbilical cord into his abdomen area and liver and pancreas has already started secreting bile and insulin respectively
  • The baby’s vocal chords are developing and it can also swallow the amniotic now, then pass it through his urine
  • It weighs about 13-20 grams and is around 3 inches long at this stage
  • When you go for an ultrasound, you can not only see these developments but also hear the steady beat of the baby’s heart
  • The size of the mother’s uterus will increase, filling up the pelvis area and move towards the abdomen which results in some uncomfortable situations like back ache, heart burn and abdominal cramps
  • You will also begin to gain weight now that your morning sickness is over and your appetite will increase, along with an interest in increased physical activity to less fatigue