13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

At 13 weeks a woman has reached the end of her first trimester and things will be a little more comfortable from this stage onwards. Until then, the mother’s body was still trying to get used to the all the hormonal changes and the presence of the baby inside her. But now she will notice that her morning sickness and feeling of tiredness has reduced and she can be more actively involved in daily activities. She will also notice some physical changes at this stage and knowledge of these symptoms is necessary as it helps her to identify if everything is developing normally or not. Here are a few symptoms one can notice at 13 weeks:

  • Bigger breasts: The breasts of a pregnant woman at this stage become bigger in size and one may feel more sexually aroused, although this is something that varies from person to person
  • Vaginal discharge: Most women will notice a thin milky liquid coming out from the vagina and that is normal and in fact the liquid helps to protect the birth canal from any infection
  • Bloating: This is an unpleasant condition which women go through at 13 weeks and even later. Eat small meals but more number of meals to digest the food easily and to get the nutrition
  • Heartburn: This is another problem which most women go through as a result of pregnancy hormones and a growing pressure from the uterus which creates stress on the abdomen.
  • Constipation: You may also become choosy about food and get food cravings and also suffer from constipation. Drinking lots of water and fiber-rich food is a good solution for that
  • Illness: Your immune system is suppressed at this stage so that your body does not reject the fetus as a foreign object and hence you are more vulnerable from diseases and should take care.