14 Weeks Pregnant

A 14-week pregnant woman is in her second trimester and as the pregnancy develops week by week her body also gets used to the hormonal and physical changes. This article will help you know more about the developments at this stage:

  • Mother’s body: The feeling of nausea eases and the breasts are not so tender anymore. The urge to urinate frequently also reduces. There may be pain in the lower abdomen and back due to the weight of the increasing size of the uterus but overall the level of fatigue reduces. The mother’s immune system is suppressed at this stage and so she is more susceptible to common colds and flu and should take care
  • Baby’s body: The baby grows to the size of a fist and no longer has jerky limb movements like before. There is more intestinal activity and the intestines produce a substance called meconium, a waste product that will make the first bowel movement once he is born. The baby also develops a temporary coating of light layer of hair all over the body to keep him warm

The mother should be careful of not catching any disease at this stage as her immune system is vulnerable. This naturally happens so that the body does not reject the fetus inside the mother as a foreign object. Wash your hands and do not mingle with people who have any contagious disease. Consult your doctor before taking any medications for your illness:

  • Your appetite will increase now that you are no longer nauseous. Eat healthy, don’t overeat, but go for small meals at regular intervals. Indulge yourself but keep track of what you are eating
  • There may be nasal congestion as pregnancy hormones increase the amount of blood flow to mucous membranes in the body and the nose which causes it to swell and become soft.

14 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

14 Weeks Pregnant Signs

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