14 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

At every stage of pregnancy, the body of the mother goes through many changes and she will notice certain symptoms that tell her she is pregnant. Most of the times it is easy to notice them but at times one may confuse some of the signs with a regular ailment. By going through this article, you will come to know of the most common symptoms one may notice at 14 weeks of pregnancy. This is still the earlier stage of pregnancy when the size of the baby is still small and so there may not be any change if you look from the outside. But you baby is developing and from this stage onwards, he will grow faster, meaning your body will also have to keep up with those changes. Here are a few things you can keep in mind at 14 weeks:

  • Less nausea: You will no longer feel as nauseous as you were feeling a few weeks ago. This is because is your body is slowly adjusting to the life growing inside it and the various hormonal changes in your body are making things more comfortable for you.
  • No tender breasts: Your breasts are no longer going to be so tender or sensitive as they were in the first trimester which will ease your discomfort to a considerable degree
  • Urination: Earlier you were feeling the urge to urinate frequently but that urge will reduce now, although it may again increase in the last trimester when the growing baby puts pressure on your bladder.
  • Pain and tiredness: You may feel pain in the lower abdomen and back due to the weight of the increasing size of the fetus but your level of fatigue will reduce and you will feel more active.
  • Immunity: The mother’s immune system is suppressed at this stage and so you can be vulnerable to common colds and flu