14 Weeks Pregnant Signs

At 14 weeks, a pregnant woman will gradually start getting more comfortable and the problems of the first few weeks will be getting over, like nausea, fatigue and morning sickness. This is because the body gradually gets used to the changes in the body and adjusts accordingly with various hormonal and physical developments. You will notice some signs which tell you that you are at 14 weeks of pregnancy. Knowledge of these signs is necessary because they help you know whether your baby is developing normally and what you are feeling is normal or not. This article will focus on some of the signs you are recognize at 14 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Nausea and morning sickness: You will finally gain some appetite and no longer feel as nauseous as you were a in the last couple of months as your body has got time to adjust to the changes taking place due to the pregnancy
  • Tenderness and fatigue: A lot of women feel that their breasts have become very sensitive and tender but at this stage you will again feel normal and there will be less tenderness in your breasts and some parts of the body. You will also feel less tired and can lead a more active lifestyle, unless you have been told to rest by your doctor
  • Frequent urination: The urge to urinate frequently will be reduced and you will no longer be making trips to the bathroom. But when the baby grows, the increasing size of the uterus will put pressure on the bladder again.
  • Soreness: There will be aches and pains especially in your lower back and abdomen as the muscles and ligaments get strained to take the weight of the growing uterus
  • Illness: The mother is also likely to contract flu and other virus attacks as her immune system is suppressed