15 Weeks Pregnant

A 15-week pregnant woman goes through some unpleasant changes due to pregnancy hormones in her body. As time passes week by week, these changes get easier to deal with but it helps to know what exactly those changes are and how they affect the body:

  • Mother’s body: At this stage you may see that your teeth and gums are often susceptible to bacteria or infection and there is inflammation of the gums leading to bleeding. Besides sensitivity of the gums, there is also nosebleeds which is a result of the presence of progesterone but all these conditions are temporary and will pass.
  • Baby’s body: The baby is growing and has reached the size of a small orange. Her ears will move to the side of the head, while the eyes will move to the front. She will start to make breathing movements and also be able to wiggle her fingers and toes

The mother at this stage will start to gain weight mainly because she is able to eat a lot now as her appetite increases and the feeling of nausea diminishes. It is okay to put on weight but still watch your diet and do mild exercises so that you don’t become overweight. These tips may be followed by mothers who are 15-week pregnant:

  • If you feel dizzy, lie down or sit down on the floor and put your head between your knees. Drink lots of water so that you remain hydrated
  • If you see varicose veins, stretch your legs, take warm baths or just dip your feet in warm water to relax the legs. It is a temporary condition and will be back to normal after delivery
  • You may experience pain in the lower abdomen and back as the muscles and ligaments face strain due to the increasing size of the uterus. Consult your doctor if it is more painful.

15 Weeks Pregnancy Complications

15 Weeks Pregnancy Weight Gain

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