15 Weeks Pregnancy Weight Gain

During pregnancy, a woman gains weight because of the growing baby inside her, the various amniotic fluids in her womb which give nourishment to the baby and keep it safe and also due to her own increasing weight. Whatever be the case, a woman needs to be careful about her weight even at the 15 weeks of pregnancy as excessive weight gain will lead to aches and pains and make things more difficult for her. At 15 weeks, her baby is still small and has not grown very heavy but it is still normal for the mother to put on 5-8 pounds at this stage.

Here are a few more points which you can keep in mind at 15 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Have a healthy diet and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep yourself full, healthy and glowing. This will also not lead to unnecessary weight gain
  • Even if you eat fish and meat, try to steam or grill them instead of deep frying them as that will help you keep your weight in check too
  • Always keep track of your weight by using a scale so that you know how much you weighed at the start of the pregnancy and can calculate your current additional weight
  • It is important to have an active life unless you are asked by the doctor to specifically rest. You can do a number of mild exercises like brisk walking, yoga, pelvic exercises, swimming, meditation and so on
  • The idea is to not get too obsessed with your weight gain but at the same time not be too careless as you will feel discomfort if you are overweight and it will also make it difficult for you to lose weight later
  • Your ideal body weight at 15 weeks will depend on your height, age and weight before you were pregnant.