2 weeks pregnant signs

The signs of pregnancy in the second week are hardly all that visible. There are slight changes that can be observed but other than that the symptoms will take careful observation. Most women don’t even feel pregnant at this time. The baby at this point is slowly growing but the sex remains undecided at this stage. There are five essential signs to pregnancy at this stage. While some women understand that they are pregnant by pure instinct, there are others who need to know the signs which go beyond just missing one’s period for a couple of weeks.

  • One may feel tender breasts that seem to have grown considerably over the two weeks
  • There can be cramping and bleeding while the embryo is implanted in the uterus. This can be confused with menstruation.
  • A lot of women feel very sick and nauseous during the early stage.
  • Feeling tired very easily could also be a sign of being pregnant.
  • One can also feel like urinating a lot more than the usual.

A lot of women also ovulate in the 2nd week before menstruation.  The pregnancy is dated from the last period date that is missed. If it is two weeks, then one is two week pregnant. However, taking a pregnancy test is important so that it can detect the high level of HCG in the urine. There is also a need to consult a doctor to be sure about the symptoms you are experiencing. Dealing with pregnancy in the first trimester is not easy since the chances of miscarriage are high at this time. The symptoms also take time to get used to. It is necessary to take precaution and take measures to follow a strict routine of good food, light exercise and no stress. It is necessary to be rested always.


2 weeks pregnant symptoms