22 Weeks Pregnant With Twins Symptoms

A pregnant woman who is carrying twins at 22 weeks has to take responsibility of her health and her two children who are growing every moment. At this stage, each of her babies will start weighing over one pound and also develop fat on their bodies. If you go for an ultrasound at this stage, you will notice a soft hairy layer on their skin which protects babies and they will also be covered with a whitish coating. The mother will experience constant movement in her womb as the children kick her and each other and start responding to various stimuli. Here are a few other symptoms that a 22 weeks pregnant woman carrying twins will notice:

  • Movement in womb: As the babies move, you will be able to understand which babies are moving, although most of the time both will kick you in the same region.
  • Edema: You will notice that your feet and hands may swell, a condition known as edema, which is a result of increased water retention and blood flow in the body. Massage your body and go for warm baths to alleviate the pressure on the veins.
  • Hot flashes: Carrying twins is a very serious business and creates many hormonal changes in the body. This may make you feel warmer than others in the house as your resting metabolic rate also increases. Take plenty of fluids to keep yourself cool.
  • Cramps in hands and legs: Many woman experience carpal tunnel syndrome, a tingling sensation in their hands and because of the increased weight of the twins, you will also suffer from leg cramps. These are temporary conditions and disappear after delivery.
  • Pre-term labour: Although this is too early to go to labour, a lot of women experience signs of pre-term labour. So be aware of any similar symptoms.