25 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain

Gaining weight is a part of pregnancy and a woman at 25 weeks of pregnancy should not be worried about the fact that she is getting fat. But too much weight gain can be harmful to the baby and also make things more uncomfortable for the mother. Hence it is important that the mother must regulate her weight and watch what she is eating.

At 25 weeks, the size of the baby will be increasing in size and will be almost 1 and half pounds heavy. Naturally your weight will also increase due to the growth of the baby and the presence of various amniotic fluids inside the womb. There are certain points you need to remember when you check your weight at 25 weeks:

  • Body weight before pregnancy: Before you analyse how much weight you are putting on, first make a note of your weight before your pregnancy as it will give you an idea of whether you are overweight or not.
  • Body weight at present: Based on how much you weighed earlier and your age and height, your BMI should be calculated and if it is within the normal limits, you should not worry about it
  • Number of babies: Your weight will vary if you are carrying twins, so take that into account when you calculate your weight
  • Diet and exercise: It is important to have a proper diet and exercise routine because overeating can actually harm you and so instead of giving in to every food craving, try to go for healthy snacks which will improve the health of your baby and give it nutrition. Similarly, go for mild exercise at the recommendation of your doctor and that will keep the pounds away and make you more relaxed and energetic.

If you notice any unnatural increase or decrease in weight, consult your doctor.