3 weeks pregnant signs

Detecting a pregnancy usually happens after a couple of weeks have passed since the actual conception of the baby. Thus three weeks into pregnancy is really quite early in this long period of nine months, where your body shall undergo unimaginable changes and your patience and endurance shall be severely tested. This is also a period of great joy, and it should be enjoyed for certain. Thus knowing the symptoms and signs of early pregnancy can help you track the changes in your body more easily.

  • Swelling of breasts: The first change that occurs in the body in and around the 3rd week of pregnancy is the change in your breasts. Due to the increased production of hormones, there is a tendency of the mammary glands to swell in size and also to be a little sore.
  • Fatigue: This is a recurrent complaint of women during the early days of pregnancy. The rapid changes in the body coupled with hormonal imbalances can lead to exhaustion, especially if the woman does not cut down on her work and activity. The first trimester is generally considered to be the most risk-prone for women and care should be taken to understand and appreciate the changes that take place in the body.
  • Increase in frequency of urination: There are many reasons for increased urination during pregnancy since the hormonal changes in the body and the pressing of the uterus into the bladder can cause it to constrict. This too is one of the first things that women, who are in their early stages of pregnancy, notice about their bodies.
  • Spotting: This is a rare sign and is usually noticed in the case of ectopic pregnancies. This refers to a small amount of bleeding [which resembles a brown spot] during the time of your menstruation. It should be brought to the notice of the doctor at once.