3 weeks pregnant tests

At the third week of pregnancy, there is a need to keep check on the menstruation. One needs to calculate the last time one had bled and if it has been over three weeks, there is a chance of blastocyst that has completely embedded in the womb. This means that the implantation will take a total of 6 days to complete which will be followed by 12 days of fertilization. This implantation means that the baby will be able to tap into the blood supply in the mother’s body.

  • Certain hormones will be created which will be resultant of the mother and baby uniting. These hormones also prevent any bleeding for the coming nine months. One can take a pregnancy test at this point. If it turns positive, it means that the HCG hormone is prevalent in the body and the woman can confirm the pregnancy by visiting the doctor.
  • The blood stream is the mode through which the baby is provided with nourishment for further progress. There is glucose secretion within the 3rd week allows the secretion from the fallopian tube lining as well as the uterus.
  • The implantation generally does not impact the woman as much in terms of symptoms. It is difficult to be sure and takes the pregnancy test at the time. There can also be a little bleeding since the baby is implanting within the womb; in the lining of the uterus. The bleeding can be seen at a time when the next period is due. This can be confused with menstrual period. This is why it is not important to just have a pregnancy test. There is a need to consult the doctor. It is crucial to be careful from the 3rd week on since the baby slowly starts to develop into a fetus.



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