37 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor

Are you Pregnant? Then hearty congratulations to you! Being pregnant is not only a time to rejoice but also your primary responsibility as a mother to take complete care of yourself and your unborn child as well. Being prepared is half battle succeeded. It is ideal to complete the full term of pregnancy for the optimum growth and development of the child. Though some women start having early signs of labor in the 37th week of pregnancy it may not be an ideal time to deliver in the interest of the baby. It is best to rush for medical help at the first signs of labor as given here under:-

Signs of Labor in 37th Week

1)      When your water breaks which is an involuntary urge for urination that cannot be stopped. This sign means you are in labor for sure even if you are not experiencing any contractions.

2)      When you notice vaginal bleeding which is brownish in color and something close to the usual bleeding you have during periods.

3)      When you are experiencing severe pain in your abdomen or back which does not seem to go and coupled with cramping. When you are in actual labor the pain will increase in intensity. This is the best way to distinguish between true pains and false pains.

4)      Your are running temperature which is higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit with you taking chilly rigors. This high temperature can lead you into an early labor and it can be dangerous for the baby as well.

5)      When you feel lesser movements of your baby in the womb from the previous week then be watchful to monitor for it and reach to the hospital at the earliest.

Keep a close watch from the 37th week and within no time your dream baby will turn into a reality soon.