38 Weeks Pregnant Swelling

First of all congrats to all those pregnant ladies. You are lucky and will soon be a mom without having to wait too much as soon as you are in week 38 of your pregnancy. With pleasure comes pain and suffering that is associated with all the pregnancy symptoms. It is time for you to start preparation for the D-day when your baby arrives. But nevertheless you need to first handle the many systematic changes that your body undergoes. One such symptom is swelling in your ankles and feet that may or may not be painful at times. Swelling can occur due to a lot of things as specified below here:-

Swelling Symptoms

1)      Swelling can be primarily due to water retention which is very common during pregnancy. You can consult your doctor to rule out any variation in blood pressure which is important to be normal during delivery.

2)      Swelling can occur if you are constipated. Try to include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

3)      Try to keep your feet at an elevated position at most of the times when your are sitting for long hours. You can even try a pillow under your feet when lying down, though not for too long.

4)      Try to walk for 10-15 minutes twice a day to improve blood circulation which will bring down the swelling considerably.

5)      Lastly remember to take the help of a massage therapist for a relaxing massage until your delivery for good relief from swelling and discomfort.

Also ensure not to wear clothes that are too tight at the abdomen or the thighs which

can cause disturbance in blood circulation and ultimately to swelling. Also you can ask your doctor for leg stockings that will give good relief and reduce swelling. Have a happy pregnancy and easy delivery!