6 weeks pregnancy symptoms

Discovering a pregnancy can be one of the most delightful moments of a women’s life. Although most women today are very well read and aware of the changes their bodies shall undergo in these nine months; experiencing them is a whole new ballgame. The changes in the female body occur so rapidly and in such quick succession that they can leave even the most prepared of women bewildered. Thus while experiencing pregnancy can never be substituted by reading about it, the latter helps to calm certain fears and help the expecting mother deal with these sudden changes.

  • In your 6th week you shall find that urination is increasing in frequency. This is caused by the increase of the HCG hormone in the body and by the growing pressure of the uterus on your bladder. Increase in the blood flow to the pelvic region also causes the need to urinate frequently.
  • Tiredness is another symptom which most women experience in the middle of their first trimester, that is, around the 6th week of pregnancy. Listening to the body at this point of time is critical and work or exercise should not be overdone at any cost. However, some amount of exercise must be fitted in since they cause the release of endorphins or the happy hormones, and also lead to the physical well being and fitness of the pregnant woman.
  • Heartburn and indigestion are also important symptoms of this period and are experienced by a lot of women. Generally the attitude towards food changes around the 6th week of pregnancy and you shall find yourself craving for some foods and throwing up at the sight of others. Wearing loose fitting clothes and eating slowly are some of the ways in which these symptoms can be overcome or kept to a minimum.