6 weeks pregnant groin pain

There are chances of having groin pain by week six of the pregnancy however this intensifies by week 22. The reason for such pain is because of the growth of uterus.

The baby, developing rapidly, moves in the womb to produce strange sensations within. There will be feelings of tugging, pulling and even cramping in these early weeks of pregnancy. There are a lot of women who prefer tissue salts to relieve themselves of such pain such as magnesium phosphate. Cramping is fine as long as there is no bleeding.

There are the times when the movements are slightly more and this leads to certain pains near the groin. This happens especially when one is pregnant for the second time. There is an increase in the sensitivity around the area. This leads to an intensified experience. But this does not always happen and not during the sixth week.

  • During such groin pain it is important to not exert one too much. This pain most comes from too much strain in the ligaments due to the stress on the expanding uterus.
  • It is important to avoid various strenuous activities like walking, exercise, swimming. Sudden movements like sneezing and coughing also cause this pain.
  • The pain is generally felt in the left side since the uterus expands towards the right.
  • It can feel sudden and sharp. This can also lead to shortness of breath but things can feel normal in 30 minutes. One can feel uncomfortable during exercise regime and it is best to not exert the body and lie down for a while.
  • Heat packs can also help when lying down on the affected side. It helps take away the strain from the area. There are homeopathic remedies which can help in relieving the pain as well.