7 weeks pregnancy symptoms signs

Pregnancies are always joyful; but the changes in the female body can be quite baffling to deal with. Anticipating these changes can lead to a stress-free and safe pregnancy and will also enable you to be better prepared for the changes in your body. These changes are quite natural and cannot really be prevented, but knowing about the symptoms and signs which you will experience in your 7th week can be helpful in more ways than one. You should thus look out for:

  • Tenderness and growth of the breasts: This period is the middle of the first trimester and the first change that will become obvious is the tenderness and increase of size in your breasts. The increased production of hormones like oestrogen lead to a preparation for lactation once the baby is born. Increase in the flow of blood and the build-up of body fat are also responsible for this change.
  • Aversion to food: This is pretty much a symptom throughout the full duration of pregnancy and it is especially acute during the 7th week. You will recoil at the sight and smell of certain food stuffs and feel a craving for certain others. This is fairly common and adjusting your diet according to your new desires can be a great help. The food consumed by a pregnant woman in her 7th week should generally be bland and light.
  • Frequent Urination: This again is a common problem experienced by most women since the pressure of the growing embryo on your bladder will also grow with time. The pregnancy hormone HCG causes an increase in the blood flow to the area around the pelvis which also increases the frequency of urination in expecting mothers.
  • Nausea: It is common during the first trimester as changes in the fetus’ body also leads to nausea and vomiting. Morning sickness is in fact an indicator of pregnancy in popular culture.