8 weeks loss of pregnancy symptoms

During the 8th week of the pregnancy, if one experiences loss of pregnancy symptoms then that does not automatically mean that one has had a miscarriage. The usual symptoms of pregnancy are nausea, sore breasts, food aversions and others. If these symptoms suddenly stop, there is no need to panic. If you feel fine and there seems to be nothing wrong with your body then there is a strong chance that you have gotten rid of all your symptoms. However, you do need to consult a doctor just to confirm that this loss of symptoms is natural.

In many cases loss of pregnancy symptoms does translate to a missed miscarriage. But there are no specific symptoms for it during normal pregnancy. There are many women who will face a variety of symptoms during the pregnancy. There can be different responses to the pregnancy. Fluctuations are part and parcel of this process and do not indicate anything serious. The symptoms of pregnancy suddenly vanishes which is normal and happens to women during the first trimester especially in the 8th week. What one needs to keep in mind is:

  • Normal pregnancies mean loss of symptoms in the 8th week in a sudden way. They completely disappear leaving no trace.
  • There can be sudden appearance of the symptoms to in some rare cases.
  • In case, one wants to be on the safe side one can inform the doctor about the loss of symptoms.

What one needs to be specifically aware of is that these loss of pregnancy symptoms should not coincide with other symptoms; mainly that of miscarriage. This can be vaginal bleeding or spotting. This type of combination can be concerning. A doctor should be consulted immediately in case one has experienced miscarriage and does not realize it or to prevent it all together.