8 weeks twin pregnancy symptoms

Twin pregnancies are particularly difficult to handle since the strain of carrying two babies is enormous. The discovery that you are carrying two babies inside you may be unnerving and that is completely natural. It is therefore important to identify the pregnancy symptoms and the changes in your body from week to week, since anticipating this will make it far easier to deal with. Twin pregnancy symptoms are no different from those of a single pregnancy symptom, and these have to be noted carefully.

  • Changes in appetite: This is one of the most critical changes that your body will undergo especially between the 4th and 8th week of pregnancy. The aversion towards certain food stuffs is great and the craving for others is also important. These appetite changes can totally disrupt your food intake and this must be avoided at all costs especially if you are carrying twins.
  • Expanding waistline: The uterus, especially in the case of twins, will start to swell to incorporate the baby’s development and growth. This will lead to a tightening around the waist which is one of the primary bodily changes that can occur in a woman in her 8th week.
  • Breast changes: Changes in the body will also include changes in the mammary glands, especially when you are carrying twins. The increase of hormones will cause the enlargement of the breasts and darkening of the color of the aureole. Care should be taken to subject breasts to examination during this period for any abnormal changes.
  • Fatigue and nausea: These are important in this week of pregnancy, but they will be almost on the verge of disappearing at the end of the 8th week. However, in case of carrying twins, or due to specific reasons applicable to each individual person, these symptoms may recur or persist well into the second trimester.