9 weeks pregnant twins symptoms

There is always going to some kind of curiosity as to whether one is carrying twins or not. At the ninth week, there can be drastic change in the body which may indicate that there is more than one baby in the womb. There are some signs that one is carrying twins:

  • One of the biggest sign for the mother to know that she is carrying her twin is her own intuition. Often she will get dreams that will indicate that there are two fetal growth taking place.
  • Nausea and morning sickness is part of pregnancy but if one is pregnant with twins then there will be high levels of HCG which can give heavier bouts of nausea all day.
  • A lot of women who are pregnant with twin experience intense symptoms because of the excess hormones released into the system. This means tender breasts, tendency to urinate more and getting hungry and tired most of the times. One can also experience swelling of hands and legs, shortness of breath and even weight gain. The abdomen can enlarge due to quick and excess movements of the fetal. Low iron is also related to such pregnancy.
  • The weight gain is specifically related to the time period leading up to the ninth week. This period is known to affect the growth of babies.
  • The gestational age is quite large. During the 9 week gestation, the uterus will feel like it is in the 12th week. An ultrasound may reveal the uterine measurement. If it is over 48 centimeters, than it is definitely twins.
  • Those with high HCG levels are also considered to be carrying twins. This rises at every stage of the pregnancy.
  • An ultrasound can also reveal to separate heartbeats that are easily distinguished.