Cramping at 2 weeks pregnant

Cramping is a common problem faced by every would-be-mother at their second week of pregnancy. During the first week, there can be bleeding for five to seven days.  The postponement of the menstruation is not just due to the baby implanting in the womb but also because of the breasts developing for breastfeeding purposes. There will be excess vaginal discharge. Slight bleeding is part of a common sign during the early weeks. This is followed with cramping. It is important to ensure that one consults a doctor. There is no need to be worried and this does not indicate miscarriage.

There will also be a change in the consistency of the cervical mucus and also an increase in the amount.  It is required to keep a note on the mucus during the second week. The change in consistency is seen change from week to week. The second week’s mucus can be slightly sticky and thick. This will increase in volume till the time of conception.

The cramping is part of pregnancy at the second week. There are some women who experience this in the 3rd and fourth week. The signs are similar to menstruation and will require tampons for the slight bleeding. Generally, cramping is always coupled with number of symptoms as follows:

  • Feeling of exhaustion despite not much of physical exertion.
  • Nausea or slight morning sickness can also be felt with the cramping during the second week of pregnancy.
  • The need to urinate frequently. This will persist throughout the pregnancy. It is important to keep replenishing one with water at all times.
  • Aversion towards some odor and food is also observed.  Hence, the expecting mother should stay away from things that make her uncomfortable. This is will help in preventing nausea and keep it in control through the day.


Pregnancy week 2