Ectopic pregnancy at 7 weeks

Ectopic pregnancies are potentially life threatening situations where the women’s egg is fertilized but is implanted either into her lower abdomen, fallopian tube or her ovaries before reaching the uterus. The problem with such pregnancies is that the baby is not afforded the protection and nourishment that the uterus provides for it. A number of ectopic pregnancies result in an early miscarriage. Some are normally absorbed into the woman’s body without her awareness. The symptoms of ectopic pregnancies must be known and such pregnancies must be carefully monitored.

  • Pain on one side of the stomach is a particularly defining feature or symptom of most ectopic pregnancies. Most women who have been pregnant this way will undergo the symptoms of a normal pregnancy or undergo positive symptoms as the medical world calls them. It is usually between the 4th and 12th week that symptoms specific to ectopic pregnancy occur, especially around the 7th and 8th week.
  • The pain will increase in waves but its onset will be sudden. The lower half of the belly will be bloated and sore, given that the embryo is developing in a place apart from where it is supposed to. Thus care should be taken to take heed of this pain and receive medication under the supervision of a gynecologist to reduce this pain, which can be quite sharp.
  • No symptoms are also a symptom of ectopic pregnancies at 7th week. Since the baby is not located where it is supposed to be embedded, the production of hormones, and the consequent symptoms of breast enlargement, food aversions, nausea, vomiting, increased urination and so on may not occur at all. This can be very alarming to a pregnant woman and this is where both physical treatment and psychological counseling comes in handy for the concerned person.