Exhausted at 16 Weeks Pregnant

Exhaustion becomes an early pregnancy symptom, in the first 12 weeks, as your body undergoes many changes and your baby starts growing. Pregnancy can add a lot of strain on the entire body and it demands rest all the time. This fatigue is temporary and generally subsides by 14th or 16th week of gestation. Some women may also feel exhausted at 16 weeks pregnant.

The early pregnancy stages make the women extremely tired. Most pregnant women will need to take a nap during the day due to exhaustion or fall asleep early, soon after getting back from work. Even the women who are habituated to staying up till late night will find that they cannot struggle to keep awake for their favorite TV show.

Reason for Exhaustion

There is no clear reason for the onset of fatigue in the early pregnancy stages, but it is likely to be caused due to hormonal changes; particularly a tremendous rise in the levels of progesterone can make women less energetic. The placenta, which is responsible for feeding and nourishing the baby till birth, starts building during your first trimester of pregnancy. This affects your rate of metabolism and these reasons act as an indication that you should listen to your bodies and take care of yourself during this crucial time.

During pregnancy, blood circulation takes place in two systems; the mother and the baby, hence leading to low blood pressure and more fatigue in many women. This exhaustion period passes early in some women. The others find their normal energy level back during mid pregnancy. Some will even possess increased levels of energy, which gives them the chance of doing the chores, which may not be possible to do in later stages of pregnancy.

If you still feel exhausted after few weeks in your second trimester, you should talk to your doctor, as there may be other underlying causes like depression or anemia.