Pregnancy tests 2 weeks pregnant

Once you start suspecting that you might be pregnant, the wait between testing and confirmation is an arduous one. The earliest that most pregnancy testing kits can detect or confirm it is around two weeks after conception. Depending on the accuracy of the test, its quality and speed, you do not have to wait very much longer for a pregnancy confirmation that will bring with it joy and good cheer.

  • Most kits detect pregnancies at about 6 weeks. However, some, which are really sensitive and of the best quality, can detect them as early as two weeks from the date of conception. There are many kinds of home pregnancy tests that one may try but it is advisable to go in for a clinical test since most of the HPTs are incapable of detecting a pregnancy at two weeks.
  • It is the best to wait till one has missed her period before taking a pregnancy test. However in case of anxiety or an emergency, sometimes very early pregnancy detection becomes important. It is to serve these cases that pregnancy tests have become more and more refined and now are able to detect pregnancies even before the woman misses her first period.
  • An HCG test is very accurate and must be done under medical supervision. It can detect from after 10 days of ovulation itself, and therefore is one of the best ways of detecting early pregnancies. False negatives and false positives are a cause for concern if you are taking a very early pregnancy test with a home pregnancy test kit. To avoid this, it is best to wait out till the first missed period.
  • Another thing to note about such early detection is a chemical pregnancy which is caused by hormonal changes despite the absence of a fetus.