Risk of Miscarriage at 18 Weeks Pregnant

A miscarriage is a loss of pregnancy before the first 24 weeks of period of gestation. If pregnancy is lost during the initial 12 weeks, it is termed as early miscarriage, whereas if it occurs after 12 weeks, it is known as late miscarriage. The risk of miscarriage at 18 weeks pregnant is very slim. There may be chances of encountering different types of complications but a miscarriage is rare.

According to statistics, maximum miscarriages take place in the first two weeks of pregnancy period. Miscarriage is a mechanism of the body, to discard an undeveloped abnormal embryo. The reasons for miscarriages are many; chromosomal abnormalities are stated to be the main cause for an early miscarriage. Also, pregnancy loss takes place for no reason and it cannot be prevented. Most women who experience miscarriage are in healthy condition.

Some pregnant women experience spotting, cramping, heavy bleeding, pelvic pain, abdominal pain, back pain or weakness. Spotting is not always considered as a sign of pregnancy loss; most women experience it in their early pregnancy period. However, to be on the safe side, if you experience spotting or any of the above symptoms at anytime during the gestation, you should consult your doctor.

Statistics on miscarriages show that there is only 3% chance of pregnancy loss, during 18 weeks. If there is a strong and steady heartbeat, then you don’t have anything to worry. There are some factors which may increase the chances of a miscarriage:


Chances of chromosomal abnormality in developing fetus are more in older women. The risk of pregnancy loss at 30, is one in five cases and at 42, it is one in two.


If there are issues like diabetes, obesity or thyroid problem, chances of miscarriage is more. Sticky blood syndrome or any abnormalities in uterus and infections during pregnancy may also cause miscarriages.


Smoking, high intake of cocaine and heavy drinking increases the risk of miscarriages.