Things To Do at 20 Weeks Pregnant

By the end of 20 weeks you complete half of your pregnancy period. You should have experienced many changes and now you can see even more changes taking place in your figure. Morning sickness eases a bit, tiredness starts to subside and you will be getting your normal energy level back. If you still feel a bit low in energy, you should rest well and eat protein foods. There are many other things to do at 20 weeks pregnant.

This is the best time to discuss about your options, after having baby; whether you want to continue with your work or stay home. Pregnancy is also a crucial time for bonding close to your partner.

Weight Gain

You’ll start putting on weight and probably gain around 10 kg to 12.5 kg during the entire pregnancy period. You should keep in mind that weight gain varies in different pregnant women. Best way is gaining weight gradually. You should focus on a healthy and nutritious diet. You should have plenty of vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, dairy products and proteins. Small amounts of honey, healthy fats and brown sugar also works well. Your weight increases steadily during your second trimester, as the baby starts growing.

Who is it

This is the right time to find about the answer to the most anticipated question – Is it a girl or a boy? An ultrasound will help you know the gender of your baby.


When women are 20 weeks pregnant, it gets difficult to find comfort. The right position during rest gets elusive sometimes. You can take help of pregnancy pillows, which provide comfort to some extent, when you are lying down or sitting up.


You should continue with pelvic muscle workouts, as they make huge difference during the time of birth and after the delivery as well.