What are the signs of pregnancy at 7 weeks?

At week 7 of the pregnancy, the baby is still developing. There are a lot of changes happening within the womb which makes it imperative to take special care so that no adverse effects are present. The baby’s limbs, eyes, elbows and other features do develop at this stage. The ultrasound provides a clear picture of how much the baby has developed and the changes that occur at this stage. This can also be understood through the mother who also goes through all the changes within the body in terms of hormonal and physical changes. Some of the signs are:

  • The women may feel very emotional at this stage. This is because of the ever changing hormones within the body. This is prevalent during the early stages of pregnancy and especially during the seventh week. This is completely normal.
  • A lot of stress may be faced by the mother. This can be relived by simple stress relief exercises. The stress is faced due to the pressures on the body during pregnancy.
  • Eating well is important in this stage as there will be lack of iron and important nutrients within the body. The lack leads to a feeling tired all the time.

It is important to inform all friends and family about the pregnancy so that others can take precautionary measures to relieve one of the above symptoms.  There is a need to rest and not worry about trivial things. Food is important and one needs to take special care of what one eats and what is good for her baby. The hygiene is also important since food borne sickness can affect the baby’ health. The symptoms are not as concerning as how the mother is able to combat them with the help of family and friends.