10 Weeks Pregnant

The tenth week of pregnancy witnesses some physical changes in you and large amount of physical changes in your baby. You will start feeling the slight movements and presence of your baby in this week. This is an exciting for the first time mothers to experience these changes. But you will still be facing mood swings, nausea and fatigue. You must go for the medical exam to monitor the baby’s growth and health. This is the chance to hear the first heartbeat of your baby.

Symptoms noticed in tenth week of pregnancy:

  • You may experience some problems with your gums; they may get swollen and inflamed. This is called as pregnancy gingivitis.
  • You will enter a stable period in the 10th week of pregnancy and your hormonal imbalance will come down significantly. You’ll even be relieved from morning sickness to a large extent.
  • The increased blood volume will become visible through the increased size of your tummy, breasts and legs.

Child growth in the tenth week of pregnancy

In the tenth week of pregnancy, your baby will have fully functional organs like heart, kidney, lungs and liver. Your baby will become fully active with this week and will start kicking with slightly high intensity, and you can even experience these movements and kicks. The brain of the child is still in the development process.

Care that should be taken during tenth week of pregnancy:

  • Although you’ll start feeling little relieved from the physical problems but you still cannot take up high intensity workouts or cannot get involved in strenuous tasks.
  • In this week you should take care of your oral health.
  • You must ensure that you live in a happy and pleasant atmosphere because any sort of stress may affect the health of the child. In fact the child is developing his brain at this time, so you must take utter care that you do not get stressed or involved in any strenuous physical activity.