11 Weeks Pregnant

An 11-week pregnant woman experiences some changes as she is almost at the end of her first trimester as the pregnancy developed week by week. This article will give you information on what are those changes and how you can deal with them:

  • Mother’s body: Around this time, your morning sickness will ease up and you will get your appetite back. Feeling very hungry is normal as they baby needs a lot of nutrition. It is also natural to feel tired as the mother’s body is working non-stop to nourish the baby and also do its regular functions. The placenta is also forming and once it is fully developed, it will ease the pressure off you as it takes over as the primary life support. You will also get more used to the hormonal changes in your body.
  • Baby’s body: The baby starts developing human features and it is about two inches long. At this stage it grows hair follicles, fingernails and if she is a girl, ovaries. Her feet and nasal opening in the nose are clearly visible along with her fingers which no longer stick to each other. Her tongue and ears also develop

At this stage, the mother may tend to overeat because she is so hungry. It’s okay to feed your body but don’t overdo it, rather take small meals so that you don’t feel bloated and get heartburn. Avoid gas producing foods like beans, soda and fried foods.

These tips may be followed to make these days easier for you:

  • Your breasts will be growing larger and be more sensitive. Ask your partner to be gentle with them
  • Brush your teeth and keep your mouth clean as the pregnancy hormones produce more saliva in your mouth
  • Even if you feel the urge to urinate often, drink lots of water but avoid caffeinated drinks