12 Weeks Pregnant

A 12-week pregnant woman is at the end of her first trimester and her body has developed a lot week by week. There are significant changes in the fetus and this article will help you understand them better:

  • Mother’s body: The body at this stage produces a hormone called progesterone which causes more blood flow to your baby than your own blood vessels causing you to feel dizzy. Lower blood sugar levels also make you feel faint. You can help yourself by eating regularly, drinking lots of water and by moving carefully when you get up from a sitting position
  • Baby’s body: The baby is growing at a fast pace and weighs half a pound. He various systems in its body have started to develop including the digestive system which has started practicing contractions needed for eating and also the pituitary gland in the brain has started creating hormones that enable the baby to make babies in the future. The bone marrow is also developing fast and is creating white blood cells which will protect the baby from germs once it is born

Try to keep the emotional connection with your partner as the pregnancy hormones may either make you more sexually active or put you off. They affect every woman differently as your body starts to get used to them. You can follow these tips to fix some of the problems at this stage:

  • Start practicing Kegel exercises as they will not only help you in your labor process later but also strengthens the pelvic muscles so that you do not feel the need to urinate all the time
  • East slowly and take small meals so that you do not feel bloated and get heartburns
  • Rest whenever possible as your body feels tired
  • Your sense of smell becomes more sensitive so keep windows open and breathe fresh air