13 Weeks Pregnant

A 13-week pregnant woman has officially ended her first trimester, often regarded to be a difficult period because the body is getting used to all the hormonal changes and feeling of nausea as the pregnancy progresses week by week:

  • Mother’s body: The breasts of a pregnant woman at this stage become bigger in size and some feel more sexually aroused while others do not. As long as you keep an emotional connection with your partner, you will want to have more sex. You may also notice a thin milky liquid coming out from the vagina which protects the birth canal from any infection
  • Baby’s body: The head of the baby is bigger than the rest of the body although it will gradually become more proportionate as time goes by. Her vocal cords and bones are starting to develop and the intestines are moving from the umbilical cord to the abdomen. The baby may also put the thumb in her mouth and is capable of jerky movements of the arms.

A pregnant woman at this stage faces certain conditions like bloating and heartburn as the pregnancy hormones and increasing pressure from the uterus create stress on the abdomen. She may still not feel like eating certain foods and also suffer from constipation. The following tips will help her adjust to these conditions:

  • Eat healthy food and maintain a proper diet. Also make sure you eat small meals instead of big ones so that there less risk of bloating
  • Avoid alcohol, chocolates, citrus fruits, soda etc to reduce heartburn
  • Eat more whole grains and fruits to include fiber in your diet
  • You feel more energetic as your body has got more time to get used to the changes, but don’t forget to take rest
  • Wear a good quality bra which gives more support to your tender and heavier breasts