18 Weeks Pregnant

A 18-week pregnant woman will feel the baby move now and it is a great experience as the pregnancy develops week by week. This article will help you know more about your body and the development of the baby at this stage:

  • Mother’s body: Most pregnant women experience severe back pain as the size of the uterus increases and pushes the lower abdomen out. The pregnancy hormones also make your joints, muscles and ligaments loose which make it difficult for you to walk and have control over your body
  • Baby’s body: The baby weighs over five ounces and is over five inches long. The mother will feel the baby move around, kick, twist etc. He is also capable of yawning and may develop hiccups. At this stage the baby also form its own unique footprints and fingerprints

Pregnant women at this stage experience heartburn due to pregnancy hormones and for that you must eat small meals so that it is easier for the body to digest food. When you eat, sit straight and avoid spicy food. Other problems that women face at this stage are:

  • Flatulence is a common problem at this stage. Avoid foods which produce gas, like beans and legumes, and also try to remain stress-free as that can also cause gas
  • Stretch your legs before you go to sleep as you may experience some shooting pain in your calves and get leg cramps
  • Stretch marks may start to get deeper and although they are temporary, you may use some medicated lotions to help it become lighter
  • Your ankles and feet may start to swell due to the accumulation of fluids in your body which is actually supposed to help the mother and the baby. But this causes some discomfort which you can easy by keeping your legs elevated and avoid standing for long durations