19 Weeks Pregnant

A 19-week pregnant woman experiences both pleasant and unpleasant changes in her body as she gets used to the pregnancy week by week. This article will help you know what those changes are and tackle them accordingly:

  • Mother’s body: A pregnant woman at this stage experiences very sudden and painful leg cramps due to stress in the muscles and compressed blood vessels. Your fingers and toes may feel numb and there may be slight tingling in them as the swelling tissues of the body add pressure on the nerves.
  • Baby’s body: The baby weighs at least half a pound now and is almost six inches in size. Its body is covered by a greasy white substance called vernix caseosa that protects the baby from the amniotic fluid and prevents it from getting wrinkled. As the pregnancy progresses, the baby sheds this layer, although some babies still have it at the time of delivery

It is normal for a woman not feel the baby kicking or moving too much as these developments vary from woman to woman and depending on their body weight, how lax their uterine muscles are and so on. The usual symptoms at this stage are:

  • A big appetite and constant need to eat food affects most women as the baby needs a lot of nutrition at this stage. It is okay to eat but try to eat healthy meals and also exercise to keep fit and ease pressure in your muscles
  • Use nasal strips or gently blow your nose if you have a lot of nasal congestion
  • You may experience pain the lower abdomen as the increasing size of the uterus stretches the ligaments. Change your position as much as possible and take warm baths to avoid aches
  • Try not to lift heavy weights in order to keep your back from getting hurt