2 Weeks Pregnant

The second week of pregnancy is very crucial and most of the women realize their pregnancy in this week. Although there are no visible changes or symptoms of pregnancy but physical changes start taking place inside the egg. But do not get surprised even if your home pregnancy test results are negative. It happens because HCG levels in your body need another 6-8 days to give positive results for the pregnancy test.

Symptoms noticed in second week of pregnancy:

  • Many women start feeling tires, moody, depressed, sleepy and restless. You may also feel like crying.
  • The breasts get swollen and you feel the urge to urinate frequently.
  • Some women experience implantation bleeding due to the implantation of the egg on your uterus lining.
  • Some of the women also experience sexual appetite during this week due to the excessive production of estrogen and progesterone hormone in the body.

Child growth in the second week of pregnancy

The egg starts dividing and fetus starts developing. The sex of the baby is also decided by the chromosomes in this week. If you are going to give birth to twins, that is also decided in this week itself. There are many other medical situations that may get developed in this week like ectopic pregnancy. Hence this week is very crucial in the entire pregnancy cycle.

Care that should be taken during second week of pregnancy:

  • In this week you must face your mood swings positively and must stay healthy & joyful, because in this week your decisions and emotions may affect baby’s health.
  • You may feel stressed but try to reduce stress as much as possible.
  • This is the time when you must start eating healthier and regular meals on time.
  • Completely avoid smoking, drinking and minimize your caffeine intake as much as possible.
  • Start sleeping for at least 8 hours a day. It will give strength to your body.