20 Weeks Pregnant

A 20-week pregnant woman is at a crucial stage of her pregnancy as she can finally know if the baby is a boy or a girl. As the pregnancy progresses week by week, the baby also grows and develops rapidly:

  • Mother’s body: The mother’s belly starts to increase in size and you can feel more kicks and movement from the baby. Your nails grow stronger and hair grows thicker because of pregnancy hormones and increased blood circulation. There may also be unwanted hair growth on other unexpected places in the body like the chin and you can use a tweezer to remove them
  • Baby’s body: The sex of the baby can be determined at this stage as the uterus and ovaries of a baby girl are formed and the testicles of the baby boy will start to descend from the abdomen to the scrotum. The baby weighs about 10 ounces now and measures six and a half inches

The mother may feel hungry all the time as most of the nutrients in her body go to the baby. It is better to five or six small meals throughout the day instead of three big meals as this will prevent flatulence and heartburn. These following tips may be followed by women at this stage:

  • You can reduce the discomfort caused by heartburn by chewing sugarless gum as the saliva released neutralizes the effects of gastric acids and pushes the fluids back to the stomach
  • Increased vaginal discharge at this stage is normal as it helps to keep the birth canal healthy and free from gems. Use panty liners if you feel uncomfortable
  • As your abdomen becomes larger, your belly button may start to protrude. This is a temporary condition and after delivery, it will go back inside
  • Wear loose slippers and avoid tight shoes or socks if your feet swell