23 Weeks Pregnant

A 23-week pregnant woman will notice some important changes in her body as her pregnancy progresses week by week. This article will give you information of what these changes are and how the body of the baby is also developing so that you can take the necessary care or precaution.

  • Mother’s body: The mother needs to eat more and her appetite increases as the baby grows and requires more nutrition. Women may also start noticing a dark line in the middle of their belly called the linea nigra, which is visible because of hyperpigmentation due to pregnancy hormones. You may be itchy, develop rashes and may apply skin creams to soothe the skin
  • Baby’s body: The baby will start to put on weight and gain more fat. Its features will be more pronounced and it will become less transparent, that is, his bones and organs will no longer be visible because of the increasing fat deposits. It will start kicking and moving around a lot more too

Because of the changes in the baby, the mother may face some problems at this stage. The most common conditions are tingling hands or carpel tunnel syndrome where there is pain in the wrists due to swelling of the limbs which put pressure on the nerves. Many women face the issue of bleeding gums because the pregnancy hormones make the gums swell and irritate them. There may be disturbances in sleeping due to snoring due to nasal congestion as a result of swollen mucous membrane in the nose.

In order to tackle these problems, the following tips may be followed:

  • Move around and do light exercises involving your wrist, back, neck, especially if you have a desk job.
  • Hormones may make some women forgetful so write things down in a diary to make life easier

These tips will make your pregnancy week by week comfortable.