24 Weeks Pregnant

A 24-week pregnant woman goes through crucial changes in her body as the pregnancy progresses week by week. This article will help you understand your body, the changes it goes through and what you can do to make life easier during that week.

  • Mother’s body: At this stage the belly button of the mother may pop out because of the pressure the uterus exerts around it. It comes back in shape once you deliver the baby although it may look a little stretched. Women may also continue to experience tingling hands and feet due to pressure on the nerves and swelling of limbs
  • Baby’s body: The baby is developing its hearing senses and can hear very loud sounds. It weighs about one and half pounds and is eight and a half inches in size due to more fat, developing organs and bones. You can see its eyelashes, eyebrows and hair clearly

The mother may experience certain unpleasant conditions at this stage, the most common being rashes. Your skin may be covered with red blotches and you may get itchy palms and feet. It can be very uncomfortable but it goes away once the baby is delivered. Constipation occurs as the hormones make the intestines keep the food in the abdomen longer so that the baby can absorb more nutrients. You may also experience bad headaches and start recognizing your migraine triggers. Your vision may become blurry as hormones cause decreased tear production but it is a temporary condition.

In order to tackle these problems, the following tips may be followed:

  • If you get a lot of rashes, mention it to your doctor and apply soothing lotions, stay away from things which make you hot and avoid wearing tight clothes
  • Drink lots of water, fruits and vegetables to avoid constipation

These tips will make your pregnancy week by week comfortable.