26 Weeks Pregnant

A 26-week pregnant woman goes through many changes in her body and so does her baby as the pregnancy develops week by week. This article will help you understand those changes and advise you how to deal with them.

  • Mother’s body: The mother’s body goes through some major changes at this stage as the baby continues to grow and this results in a lot of restlessness and insomnia. The belly button protrudes, heartburn and leg cramps create problems
  • Baby’s body: The baby starts opening its eyes at this stage and responds to loud noises or bright light by kicking inside the womb. The brain becomes more developed and sensory responses increase. The baby weighs two pounds and in above nine inches in size

The mother may face discomfort in the form of sleeplessness, headaches and lower abdominal pain. At this stage you may notice that you have become more forgetful and clumsy which happens due to pregnancy hormones and loosened joints and increasing weight. Another problem is increased vaginal discharge for which you may take frequent baths instead of using special washes. Bloating is another problem which results due to increased pressure on the abdominal organs

In order to tackle these problems, the following tips may be followed:

  • Write things down so that you remember what to do
  • Avoid walking on slippery surfaces because your steps tend to be more wobbly at this stage
  • Take small meals instead of four large ones so that you don not stress your digestive system. This will help with problems like bloating
  • If your eyes feel irritated because of vision changes due to hormonal changes, use eye drops
  • Change your sitting positions and massage your body gently in order to get rid of pains and aches
  • Meditation helps with headaches and migraines

These tips will make your pregnancy week by week comfortable.