28 Weeks Pregnant

A 28-week pregnant woman faces some changes due to the growing fetus inside her body as the pregnancy develops week by week. This article will help you to know what those changes are and how to tackle any problems.
  • Mother’s body: The mother will be entering the third trimester now and the position of the baby changes. But since the head of the baby lies over the sciatic nerve, you may experience shooting pain in your back, legs and lower abdomen. Once the baby settles down into the right position for birth, the pain will be eased
  • Baby’s body: The baby moves around and gets ready for birth by positioning its head facing downward. It can do a number of activities now like blinking, coughing, hiccupping, breathing and sucking. It weighs two and a half pounds and is 16 inches long. It can also dream now as the sleep phase includes the REM stage.

It is better if the mother opts for childbirth education classes at this stage so that she knows what steps to follow and what exercises to do to ease childbirth. These classes also teach about pre-natal and post-natal care, breast-feeding, special needs, infant care and so on. These classes are not compulsory but they help one prepare for the labor process and in general.

There are certain things a pregnant woman needs to keep in mind now:

  • The mother must also go for certain tests at this stage to ensure that she is healthy and her baby is healthy too.
  • A woman gains up to 11 pounds in the third trimester and so she must go for mild exercises in order to prevent excessive weight gain and also to keep her muscles relaxed.
  • Restless leg syndrome continues to bother most women at this stage too. Massaging your legs will help ease the discomfort.