29 Weeks Pregnant

A 29-week pregnant woman is at a crucial stage of the third and final trimester as the pregnancy develops week by week. There are certain changes in the woman’s and baby’s body which one must be aware of.

  • Mother’s body: The size of the uterus keeps increasing and it is over 3 inches above the your navel. You will be more aware of any movements your baby will make as it keeps getting more active. At this stage, the volume of blood in a woman’s body increases and she must make sure that she takes the prescribed amount of iron and calcium supplements
  • Baby’s body: The baby has grown to a size of around 15 inches at this stage and it is capable of reacting to bright light. It continues to kick but as space is more constrained now, it calms down a little. A baby’s sex organs become prominent and doctors can make out if it is girl or a boy

The mother experiences problems like constipation, headaches, hemorrhoids and itchy skin. Some women even become very forgetful as the pregnancy hormones put pressure on the brain cells. They may also face difficulty sleeping

There are certain things a pregnant woman needs to keep in mind now:

  • Avoid eating coffee or chocolates as these prevent one from sleeping and will worsen your insomnia
  • Trim your hair and nails regularly because although hair and nails grow fast, they also become very brittle at this stage
  • Apply creams and soothing lotions on your belly as the abdomen stretches and results in itchy skin
  • Do Kegel exercises, eat fiber-rich foods in order to prevent hemorrhoids which cause a lot of trouble to women
  • Drink water and lie down in a dark room if you get headaches

These tips will help you avoid these problems during your pregnancy as it develops week by week.