3 Weeks Pregnant

The third week always comes with the sure news about your pregnancy, because by this time your doctor and your home pregnancy tests will confirm the pregnancy. But this week also marks the beginning of utter care which now becomes mandatory. With the onset of third week it becomes very important for you to take right nutrients and essential vitamins. This all is required for healthy development of the baby.

Symptoms noticed in third week of pregnancy:

  • In the third week many women feel tired, frequent urge to urinate, nausea, acidity, mild swelling in breasts etc.
  • Since the rate at which hormonal changes are taking place is quite fast, you may face frequent mood swings.
  • Some women may also lose weight during this period of pregnancy.

Child growth in the third week of pregnancy

During this week, your fetus takes an identifiable physical shape like that of a pear. In fact, the heart also starts developing in the child in its pear shaped body. Your child will experience his first heart beat in this week itself.  But your child will still be attached to the wall of uterus and protecting fluids gather all around the baby to protect him throughout the pregnancy. You blood volume and flow gets increased to supply essential nutrients to the baby for his development. So you may look pinkish and more beautiful in the third week of pregnancy. This is what people call as pregnancy glow.

Care that should be taken during third week of pregnancy:

  • You must exercise during this period of pregnancy and can ask doctor to recommend some exercise. You need to avoid heavy cardio and strength training exercises and can take on walking & swimming.
  • You need to avoid jerky and vigorous body movements.
  • You must eat very well and that too at regular intervals in the third week of pregnancy. You also need sound sleep for at least 8 hours a day.
  • You must also take supplementary nutrients like calcium, vitamins, and proteins as per your doctor’s recommendation.