30 Weeks Pregnant

A 30-week pregnant woman must take a lot of care of herself and the baby so that the pregnancy develops week by week without any complications. The baby is growing an developing new features every moment and the mother’s body must also keep up with it.

  • Mother’s body: A pregnant woman at this stage experiences a lot of heartburn because pregnancy hormones responsible for relaxing the body’s pelvic muscles also loosens the muscle separating the stomach from the esophagus. As a result of this, all the digestive fluids and acids sometimes go back to the throat and the pressure of the uterus on the abdomen makes you feel heartburn
  • Baby’s body: At this stage the baby weighs around 3 pounds and the brain keeps developing. It is capable of regulating its own body temperature and will shed the light hair covering its body as it can increase its body heat by itself

One of the topics discussed by the parents at this stage is whether they want to save the cord blood. Cord banking means the blood present in the placenta and the baby’s umbilical cord after the baby has been born. It contains stem cells which are very important for public research and it also helps the child later in life if it develops any illness.

Besides cord banking, these points must be remembered by the mother as the pregnancy progresses week by week:

  • Stretch marks become very prominent now and for that you may use some creams
  • Wear comfortable shoes and move around so that puffy feet don’t bother you
  • Most women experience fatigue and insomnia as the growing baby puts a lot of pressure on the woman’s system. Meditate, go for a massage, stay relaxed to calm yourself.
  • Drink lots of water to avoid dizziness which is a common problem at this stage.