31 Weeks Pregnant

A 31-week pregnant woman is at an advanced stage of pregnancy as the time passes week by week. She is going to face some major changes in her body and some discomfort as the size of the baby is increasing every day.

  • Mother’s body: The mother finds it difficult to breathe because the uterus pushes into the diaphragm and the lungs get cramped and can’t expand properly. It doesn’t affect the baby because it gets its oxygen from the placenta but the mother has to be patient till delivery
  • Baby’s body: The baby at this stage is 18 inches long and over three pounds and its brain is developing many new functions. He is able to respond all sensory signals and his brain can process information and react to light. The baby also sleeps longer in this stage

The problems faced by the mother at this stage include an urge to urinate frequently as the growing uterus puts more pressure on the bladder. Headaches and varicose veins continue to create discomfort and this is also accompanied by backaches, lower abdominal pains which results in difficulty in sleeping.

These points can be kept in mind to tackle this discomfort:

  • Exercise and yoga helps to relax and tone your muscles which will keep you feeling fresh and more energetic. You can also meditate in a quiet, dark room which helps with migraines or general headaches
  • Most women experience forgetfulness and memory issues during pregnancy and a diary will help you organize your thoughts and you can write everything down there
  • Be careful when you climb stairs or are taking a shower as the pregnancy hormones make you clumsy and wobbly on your feet
  • Take a walk to get rid of pain from varicose veins
  • Wear comfortable clothes and sleep in a room with a comfortable temperature to prevent insomnia